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Or you just wanna quickie with a rap star? [03 Aug 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Damn, feels like it's been a damn long time since I've updated. I'm a workin' man, you can cut me some slack. Nah, I'm jokin'. But truth is the Hater Formerly Known as Santos called me from cheer camp talkin' bout if I don't move her friends page she'd hurt my family jewels.. now I don't know bout that, but better be safe then sorry, right kids? Damn straight, on to the update.

Ima get this out of the way now, anyone that's lookin' for me hit me up on my cell or my house phone now.. yea, I'm back home. Talked to my dad Derek bout shit and I'm home. Hah, right. Me talk to Derek reasonably? That'd be the day pigs fly.. or Michael Jackson would stop molestin' little boys. He's lucky I came back home, just a warrant out for my arrest for runnin' away wouldn't be something that'd look all that tight on my record. If that's how he had to sucker me back in that's fuckin' sad and I hope he knows that. He stays outta my way, I'ma stay outta his, it'll all be good. He's actually been workin', he has night shifts so durin' the day he sleeps and I make it a point to stay out of the house. It aint too bad but it could be better. Especially if she were still here. So yea, Towerz, tell Leo thanks for lettin' me chill there at your pad til shit settled down here.

So, I've been holdin' it down at the movie theatre. The moneys good, but why Meeri decided to hire that one annoying ass chick, I have no idea. Alex knows who I'm talkin' about. Alex will be tryin' to get my with nachos and the girl will flip, she'll be like "OMG NO! NO! MAH HURR! GET AWAY!!" Me and Alex make fun of her all time time. I'm countin' down the days 'til Alex snaps at Meeri, it'll happen, and you'll all gonna wanna be there, 'cause that'll be hilarious. For real, Meeri's too uptight and is always givin' everyone shit about something.

Got a couple of calls from The Hater Formerly Known as Santos from cheer camp. She thinks I said I miss her, but what I said was "I miss the ice cream you bring." I don't know how she got the two confused. We were flirtin', what's new. Except she kept sayin' she missed me and called me her boo, stuff like that and it just slipped. I didn't mean to say "I love you" it just kinda happened. Speakin' of cheerleaders, Darcy we gotta chill, end of story. But, it's time for my nightly call to Santos, so I'ma hop in the shower and see if she calls. I'm out, peace easy.

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[28 Jul 2005|11:46pm]
I'm the product of the ghetto 'til they bag me up
With a bail stash in case they snatch me up
I'm a soldier in this war and I resemble my pops
I ain't nothin like him, that's where this criminal stop.Collapse )
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And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.. [27 Jul 2005|07:17pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Aight, I know how yall can't go too long without my updates without bein' able to peace easy at night or something like that. Just kiddin' though, Santos made me update, she was tellin' me if I didn't she'd stop comin' over with the ice cream and if she stopped that, that would suck. Except she might have to, I'm considerin' goin' back home. The voicemails have started to pick up, last night he left like four. I mean, I don't know what else to do..

Been workin' a lot. Me and Alex own, that's all that that needs to be said. Except for when she throws nachos at me, but it's all good I get her back by throwin' some iccee at her and it's like we're even. Nah, but for real, the hours are good and Alex is fuckin' cool so it's tight. Except for that weird ass mall janitor that always stares at me and Alex. But yea, it owns.

Went to a part on Monday night, didn't get bombed or any shit like that. Met up with Santos and Darcy, it was a pretty tight party. Saw my two fellow asshole friends, Pete and Heather. Or well, for me it was. I gotta kinda thank Santos for the whole me and Darcy hookin' up so fast, she was hintin' at stuff and me and Darcy went for it. All I gotta say is.. damn. Met back up with Santos after me and Darcy got done with our challenge and I walked her home. Hah, it was great. Santos seemed jealous, but never owned up to it. Either way I'm glad me and Santos are back to bein' tight. But after our fight last weekend bout her ditchin' me, I still can't go to her bout the shit with my dad. I don't know who to go to, I may be actin' like shits all good, and I gotta give myself props, I'm good at playin' shit off like everything is straight, but nothin' in my life is really straight. I hate this shit, I just want it to go back to when me and my moms were livin' together, she made it all alright.

But, Santos sent me a text somethin' bout Wal Mart, so I'm gonna head over there. Get at me if you wanna chill or anything. But that reminds me, Heather, we gotta chill and that's for damn sure. Anyways, I'm out and peace easy kids.

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Got my mind right, money right, ready for war. [22 Jul 2005|03:34am]
[ mood | okay ]

Not bein' able to sleep sucks more than Jimmy's taste in music. Hah, damn I'm sorry I couldn't resist. We were all thinkin' it so I'm just sayin' what some people are too afraid to say.

Okay so the job at the theatre pretty interestin'. It's kind of funny - in that mean way that I shouldn't be laughin' over, when those bratty kids be well, bratty. Aight well, here's what happened.. today this little boy I'ma say about six wanted some gummy bears (kids got good taste) but I guess he was already hyper enough as it was and his mom told him no. So the kid started flippin' a bitch and was like, "Woman! Give me some gummy bears!" nah, he didn't say that but he did want those damn gummy bears. So, his mom thinkin' she was sly and all, kneeled down and whispered, "Behave or I'm goin' to give you a spanking when we get home, now you don't want that do you?" and out of nowhere the kid screams on top of his lungs, "I don't want a spanking when I get home!!!" Everyone in the lobby turned around, it was so priceless. Seein' stuff like that and be able to joke around with Alex 'bout it after the parents leave make it worth it. We get paid this Friday so I'm kind of psyched bout that.

And with that money I think I still owe Hazel "The Hater" Aden some hangin' out time. So, we need to chill hater, movies and a dinner on me, sound good? Just get at me and tell me what time or whenever is good for you.. if you still want to go and all. I've decided I'm takin' away GTA: San Andreas from Towerz the dude is really addicted to the game, for real. He still can't beat me though. Oh and Darcy, get at me sometime. I haven't gotten any calls of you shreikin' so that's good but still call if you get bored.

Things suck. I love how Santos is ditchin' me. When her boyfriend was away it was all, "blah blah I'd be lost without you, omg bffbflflf times three squared!" or what ever. Hah, but now he's back. Kind of stupid for me to actually think things were gonna stay the same when Sean got back? Yea I guess it was, whatever. I'm not down for pity hang-outs, especially when she's busy. She wants me to be there for her when she has shit goin' on and can't be here for me when I got shit goin' on.. fuck that shit. I'm not down for that. - But yea, Derek kind of gave me til next Friday to show up back home or atleast tell him where I'm at. Thing is if he finds out I'm here at Towerz' he's flippin' a bitch and then some. He's leavin' voicemails and shit if I'm lucky he'll leave a sober one but since my luck aint that great it's usually him cussin' at me to get my ass back home.. But yea, that's bout all I've had goin' on really. But hit me up if you want to hang out or something. Peace easy, I'm out!

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The streets molded the man I am. The pimp, the hustler, the crook, the killer, go-rilla [20 Jul 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Aight, I'ma start out by sayin' thanks to Santos for pimpin' out my layout. I guess her bein' at my house was a good thing for once. Hah, I'm just playin' Santos.. you know I got love for ya.. even if you're a hater.

Okay, so workin' at the movie theatre wasn't as bad as I thought it was goin' to be pretty lame, but it isn't so much. Except for when Alex and me don't work shifts together. We try and make time go by faster by talkin' about stupid shit and jokin' around bout the stupid movie-goers, but it sucks when she's not there to joke around with. I was right Alex is damn cool. Meeri isn't so cool though, she really does like to bitch a lot, same with the little kids. Damn, I thought I liked kids but then I met the hyper, stocked up on sugar kids who are anxious to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or some other movie.

I hung out with Darcy at the carnival the other night. Now, I'm usually not a carnival person, or well more so a rollercoaster person but it was pretty tight. Glad she's forgotten bout all the shit that went down earlier in the year, and doesn't hate me. Kind of regret screwin' up things with her now. It shouldn't of happened and I still feel pretty bad 'cause there's some of me that's attracted to her. But unlike some other people I know Darcy doesn't hate. She's even gonna take me to NY one of these days. Nah, but for real Darcy we gotta start chillin' again and if you see a spider, remember what to do.

Speakin' of chillin' Hazel me and you still gotta go out sometime. If I have to I'll stop by the ice cream shop when I get off of my shift if I have to.. ya know unless your one night stand will be there, because think 'bout it.. it is an ice cream shop. Hah, nah, but for real get at me when you want to chill.

Derek's been callin' still. He should be gettin' the hint.. atleast he's not leavin' anymore voicemails. I'm thinkin' bout stoppin' by his work.. somewhere where he can't bitch at me since people will be around. I don't know how smooth that's gonna go though. He'd throw a bitch fit if he knew I was stayin' with Towerz. I love stayin' here, and bein' back home reminds me of my mom. I'm not goin' back. That's all there is to it. But this is my que to wrap up this entry, seein' as I kind of ran out of stuff to talk about, hah. So, get at me, and I'm out!

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I'ma show you how to get your shine on.. [15 Jul 2005|04:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So, I'm no longer unemployed, that's right I got me a job. Haha, looks like Alex is gonna be seein' more of me 'cause I'm workin' at the movie theatre now. I was worried bout wearin' that visor though hah, Meeri said the guys get to rock the hats, so that's good. It'll be cool 'cause me and Alex will get to drive people crazy and all. I've had orientation the past two days, so my bad for not bein' around too much.

It's all good now that I got a job, got some extra spendin' money, and I'm gonna start puttin' in for rent, food and shit like that as long as I'm stayin' at Towerz'. Just don't feel like bummin' off them any more. I don't want to be like Derek was to me and my mom, livin' off my mom, bein' a dick. It's not how I want to do things. Man, I don't know what Towerz is talkin' about, he didn't beat me at GTA, he's just ashamed to admit he got owned by me. He'll deny it, sayin' I'm hatin' or whatever, but he's just tryin to save some face. Haha.

Hazel, we still need to go out sometime. I'm kinda thinkin' you dissed me and hooked up with your one night stand slash the big camera whore.. don't make me show pictures, 'cause I will. Hah, nah but we do need to chill sometime soon. Same with you Santos, it's been like ten years since I've last seen ya. No, not really, but it's been a while. I've missed your sarcastic remarks, and hater ways.

Got another voicemail from Derek, I didn't even bother listenin' to it. I don't wanna be there, I'm not fallin' for his, "Come home. It'll all be good" front, 'cause it won't. As soon as I get back there his ass is gonna start bitchin' at me for something. He's still drinkin, got a part time job, but I'm still not comfortable with everything. As long as Leo is willin' to let me stay here, I'm not goin' back. But that's all for now, gonna go and play some ball, maybe. Hit me up if you want to chill, or you can always stop by the theatre. I'm out.

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All your hatin' is fuel to my fire. [12 Jul 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | content ]

Aight, so I'm bored and figured if I was gonna be lazy and bored I'd update. That's right, I'm not updatin' for the sake of keepin' the Hater formerly known as Santos sane, I'm doin' it out of boredom. Mainly 'cause me and Santos have stopped hangin' out. We both said we weren't gonna let the whole drunk makin' out thing get to us, but we both lied. I haven't seen her since I stopped by her house to cheer her up since I mad her mad for some reason. Kinda sucks.. but she'll come around.

Still at Towerz' house. It's been pretty tight, Leo's real chill with everything. I'm stayin' in the guest room they have, I've made it my own. It's not too big, but it'll do. Didn't tell any of 'em bout the voicemail Derek left me. He wanted to know what was up and when I'm comin' home. Fuck that. I don't plan on comin' home 'til shit gets settled. 'Til he can get a job and stop drinkin'.

Had an interestin' conversation with Hazel. We finally both admitted that we like each other, and we're supposed to be goin' out sometime this week. All I gotta say it's 'bout damn time, but most of that is all on me. I should've been up front from the begginin'. Looks like she gave up her Dora the Explorer sippy cup that she use to sip that haterade from. Now don't get it twisted, she's still a hater. Nah, but Hazel, hit me up sometime so we can go out.

Saw Liberty at the park yesterday. It was tight talkin' to her again. Except how she told me that shit how her dad was cheatin' on her mom, for real, that's gotta suck. I wish I knew what to tell her, but it kind of caught me off guard. I can relate to her with her dad bein' an asshole, seein' as my dad's the king of assholes. So, Liberty, if you wanna chill again, I'm down. But, I'm about to go watch a movie or somethin'. Peace easy, guys.

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Cause I been pimpin this game since Atari [07 Jul 2005|02:46pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Not too much has been goin' on since my last update, which was yesterday, hah. Nah, Santos was talkin bout her friends page bein' stuck so I decided I'd atleast help it move a little.

Anyways, Towerz threw a party last night, it was tight I guess. Saw a lot of people from The Montreal Crew it was cool talkin' to them again. Spent most of the night talkin' to them and just chillin'. Saw Cameron mean muggin' me a little, don't blame him.. but I also saw him tell Hazel some shit. I already know what he told her, it was obvious by the look on her face. Bet he also didn't tell her me and Manny were both drunk at the time. I'm not pullin' out that 'I was drunk' card but I can tell ya if I was sober none of that shit would've happened. If he wants to tell people shit what me and Santos did he shouldn't leave out bits and peices of the story. It's shady in itself. The whole situation is fucked. Talked to Liberty for like .5 seconds but that still gets a mention in my LJ, hah. Wasn't feelin' in the mood for partyin' so I just went for a walk, thinkin' bout some shit.

But now that yall got a little insight in my night and all, I'ma bounce. Finally gettin' around to turnin' in some applications I picked up so I'ma head to turn those in, maybe get some interviews.. who knows. But I'm out, peace easy.

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You hear me sayin' no, don't mess with the stress.. [06 Jul 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Since my last update I've learned a couple of things.

First off, I can own Manny at um, ownin' her? Hah, We had a water fight basically the other night when we came home from the beach.. she thinks she owned me but we all know that would never happen. She wanted to celebrate her thinkin' she owned me but um, I kinda threw her in the shower.. I owned. Anywho, so we chilled drank, made out for like friggin ever and the end result was the most massive hangover ever. And it just confused things so much more, right when I'm all good with us bein' just friends we make out. The stuff we were both sayin' while we were drunk didn't help much either. I don't even remember what time she left, but it was a tight time.

Second bein' Towerz place is real tight. I brought all my stuff here on Monday so I'm stayin' with Towerz for now. Him and Leo are insane always arguin' 'bout something but it's those stupid arguments that you can laugh bout. I dunno, it's tight chillin'. Plus I got my laptop so you can still hit me up on IM when yall are bored. I'm glad I'm here, no more listenin' to Derek bitch, if he wants to fuck up and not pay rent, he's only ruinin' shit for himself. Plus I kinda look up to Towerz, afterall he is my brother, well half-brother but still. Kinda need some family 'cause no matter how much I play it down, I'm still missin' my moms. But I'ma get a job to help out with stuff round here, just so I'm not bummin' off them and all.

And the third is Heather Sinclaire is a pretty tight girl. I've kinda always known that but me and her chilled last night. I'ma help Towerz make sure the kid doesn't turn out emo. No offense to Pete 'cause he's a cool emo kid.. prolly the coolest.. so other people who shouldn't be emo need to try to not top him with that. Anyways, Uncle Chris is all over makin' sure the kid is a gangsta. I'll buy him those small air force ones hah, just kiddin'. But, for real the kid should be named Chris. Nah, but I took her to Wal Mart, and we were lookin' at the toys.. man, I'ma spoil that kid. We got to talkin' and she told me who she was crushin' on.. I wish she would go for it 'cause despite what she thinks, it'd work out. I know it would. But yea, that's all I got. So, I'ma bounce got an interview at the movie theatre today. So peace easy.

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If you don't like what I'm saying then buck [02 Jul 2005|12:17am]
[ mood | drained ]

I'ma start out by sayin' thanks to everyone who came to the funeral. It meant a lot to my family and all. Except for the random dominican kid tryin' to start a fight with me and all.. but yea, things are settled down, I'm gonna be stayin' at Towerz' house for the time bein' though. So, that's all good.

Manny came over the funeral last night, she randomly showed up at like 12 with some ice cream and ordered pizza. It was all tight 'til she decided to make me a human sundae. We had a ice cream/chocolate syrup/water fight all around my house. It was insane and a bitch to clean up, but it was all good. She stayed over til like 2 and then she split.

I woke up this mornin' to Derek bitchin' bout some chocolate syrup on the floor.. guess I had missed a spot but he flipped a bitch. I don't even know why he's bein' more of a dick than usual.. he came back and didn't act like he even gave a shit bout my mom. I'ma be glad when I start stayin' with Towerz. I thought it'd be awkward since we hadn't really talked bout the whole thing, but it's not.. so far. and headed to The Dot, chilled with Alex for a little while and hit up the beach afterwards. It was about damn time I chilled with Alex, we've been meanin' to for forever. Saw Hazel for like a split second and then she took off, so Hazel, text me if you wanna chill or something.

Oh yea, the mall the other day was fuckin' funny as hell. Anyways, the hater formerly known as Manny is comin' over to help me pack or somethin' like that. So if you want to kick it sometime, hit me up on AIM. Peace easy guys.

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But, check this out.. [29 Jun 2005|02:33pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yea, I didn't ever think I'd ever have to write an update like this, prolly why I kinda put it off. I'm not even sure how I should be startin' it out. But yea, here I go. So Monday afternoon I came home from playin' ball at the courts and Derek told me what was up. My mom was in a car accident and didn't exactly make it through. Yea, she died. Don't worry 'bout me, I'm alright. I'll be fine.

I really don't think I could be more of a liar. Fuckin' shit. This was the worst thing that could happen. Derek told me I had to start helpin' out with payin' the bills. Yellin' at me isn't exactly gonna motivate me to want to live here. I'm really thinkin' about takin' off, it'd be easier on everyone.

Funeral arrangments have been made and the funeral will be tomorrow night. Stop by if you want. But yea, thanks and shit to Santos. She really has no idea how much she's doin' for me. For um, everything. Towerz, I'm probably gonna be stoppin' by tonight, make sure your moms doin' all good. My bad if I haven't been actin' the same in the past two days.. but now yall know what's up. But I'm gonna get goin', lay down or somethin'. Peace easy yall.

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[27 Jun 2005|08:20pm]
Some days I sit, starin'out the window
Watchin'this world pass me by

Sometimes I think theres nothin' to live forCollapse )
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Just say the word, I'll be on my way [22 Jun 2005|01:29pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Aight, my bad about not updatin'. I start slackin' sometimes all I need is a loser like Santos to start naggin' me to update until I think I'm gonna go crazy. It's only 'cause she's a loser like that and doesn't have anything to do, so she just sits around and waits for her friends page to move. Hah, just playin' Manny.

Anyways, I'd like to update this thing sayin' everythings straight.. my dad moved to Asia, my mom won the lottery, me and the girl I like are doin' pretty good, and 50 cent is my boy. But that isn't gonna happen.. I mean, 50's already my boy. But nah, everythings the same from my last update. I went to turn in some job applications in the mall though. Have some interviews set up for this Friday, so we'll see what happens.

Went to Paige's party the other night. Text messaged the hater formerly known as Hazel to tell her bout it. She showed up and we flirted? had a pretty good time. I tried callin' 50 but I didn't want to give away his number (since Hazel really doesn't know him) so I dialed a fake one and this dude called back and wanted to holla holla holla at Hazel. She can deny it, but I know she wanted to holla back. But it's all good 'cause we determined I'm her knight in dirty sneakers.. even though I rock the clean air force ones. I had to leave kind of soon though, but when I got home aside from all the bitchin' and drunkness from Derek Derek was tellin' me about some dude coming over and ringing our doorbell like a million times? I don't know what was up with that.

But that's really all I got to update for right now. So I'ma go play some ball or something like that, may even call that hater Hazel and see if she wants to do something later. Peace easy, I'm out!

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They know who I are from the pimp description.. [15 Jun 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hit up the mall today and picked up a couple of applications at a couple of stores. Includin the record store, I doubt I'm turnin' that one in, 'cause I don't know how working with Towerz would actually go. We use to be tight and once we found out we were half brothers, I don't even know the dude. So, I'ma be takin' a trip to the mall turning in the applications and see what happens from there. If anyone wants to join, then that'd be cool.

So, this summers almost lamer than Santos. For real, I haven't done much. Went to Spinner's party that one day, talked to Liberty, that was cool 'cause I haven't done that in a while. Liberty, we need to start chillin' more. Saw Santos there too, speakin of that.. Santos, you better have done what I asked you to. Other than that, I've been maxin and relaxin at home. Hah, except if Derek keeps up the drinking, the yelling at me, the bumming of my mom, I swear I'm gonna lose it. The part I love most is how my mom won't tell him to get out, to find a job, she just takes it all and works herself harder to support us now. How fuckin' lame. I don't know what it is, or how he does it, but he has the affect on my mom.. I won't ever get it.

And yea, that's been about all I've been up to. Hit me up, 'cause I'm bored in this house and I'm down for doing something tonight. Do your thing and drop a comment, peace easy, 'cause I'm out.

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Now I can't say that me fighting temptation ain't hard.. [10 Jun 2005|03:52pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Damn, I don't really know how to start out an entry like this. Mr. S. was prolly the best teacher at Degrassi, real cool and shit. He'll be missed and that's for damn sure. That whole summer me and Em dated, got to know the dude, I looked up to him. And it's times like right now I need someone positive 'cause I got one dead beat dad. I hate to even call him that.. "dad". 'Cause right now my dads sittin' on the couch, soakin up my moms money while gettin' drunk. But, my bad Emma.. my best goes out to your family, and I'll be there tonight. We can play pretend or try and figure out how we do that tonight.

So, schools officially over.. I'd say that's tight, but it sucked for school to end on a note like it did. I'ma start lookin' for jobs, try and waste my time the right way, makin' some money. Like I said in my last update if you know somewhere that's hiring hook it up with an application. But, if anyone wants to chill, yall know the screen name, or you can drop me a comment. I'ma hit up Spinner's party on Saturday, so you'll see me there.

Not much else to say.. kind of just updatin for the hell of it, tryin to pass some time.. you know how that goes. Leave some love, or hit me up on AIM. Either way, peace easy.

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[08 Jun 2005|03:18am]
Updatin' because I can't sleep.. and for once Derek isn't buggin' me about something. That's 'cause the dude is passed out, what good was he coming back, if all he's gonna do is drink? So, might as well update.

So, whatever was goin' on with me and Darcy, is pretty much over. My fault though, I will own up and say that. 'Cause I was an idiot. Santos and I were arguing about who's fault it was for us not ever getting together, things got real heated. I reached for her hand, and she leaned into kiss me.. and because we have such great luck, Chante walks in. Of all people to walk into Hollywood Video at that time, it had to be Darcy's best friend. Chante calls Darcy, so she shows up, and yeah, now we're through. I haven't talked to Santos since, and Darcy won't return my calls. Greaaaat.

Went to the mall the other day, it was alright. Needed some new kicks, so I'd figure I'd head to the mall. Though, I never did get some new shoes, I did bump into Emma there. I forgot how but we got to the conversation of playin' pretend but we never did figure out how to do that exactly. So Emma, once you ever figure out how to play pretend, hit me up.

School is almost over, thankfully. No more Kwan kicking my desk while I'm tryin to sneak a nap in, so that's gotta be a plus. Except now I'm gonna have to find something else to do for the hours I'm usually at school. Mom at work, and me inside the house all day with Derek.. one of us is bound to kill each other, or do something stupid like that. Thinkin' bout picking up a summer job, so if you know any places that are hiring, hit me up.

Sittin' at a computer typing will make you tired. So I'm gonna get goin'. Drop a comment by, and peace easy. I'm out!
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[05 Jun 2005|02:30pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Yea, you knew an update about prom was coming sooner or later. I was sittin' at home with nothin' to do.. like a loser, so I knew how Santos feels.. and figured I should get to updatin'.

Anyways prom was pretty tight. Then again, why wouldn't it be when I got two beautiful ladies on each arm. Music was aight, dancin' with Hazel and Darcy most of the time made the night good. Hazel went off a couple of times to dance with her friends so me and Darcy were left to dance alone, which I didn't mind at all. I like her, I do.. but fuck.

Walked Darcy out to the front when her dad came to pick her up and all, had some fun just chillin' with her, waitin' for her dad to come get her. She left and the loser known as Santos came to try and freak me out by jumpin on my back.. who does that? Anyways, Sean was talkin' with some friends or some shit and so we just stood there and talked about everything. We came close to kissin' a couple of times.. but we stopped ourselves and decided we couldn't do what we were doin' anymore. It shouldn't hurt, and she prolly isn't even hurt.. but what the fuck I shouldn't be feelin' heartbroken when I got Darcy and me and Manny just made-out a couple of times.. Fuck, I feel as fuckin' emo as Jimmy. I'll get over it.. sooner or later. The loser looked nice for prom.. we chilled and then I took off home.

But now Derek's gettin' on the computer so I'm gonna get goin'. This update was short and all, but hit me up if you're down for chillin' later.

know who i am from the pimp description.

Can't take back the things I did before.. [30 May 2005|12:33am]
[ mood | awake ]

Aight, I actually got something to update about.

So as you all knew, I'm already goin with Darcy to prom (okay, even if you didn't know, now you do) well all you who doubted my pimp skills sure are provin wrong on this one.. at prom I won't just be showin up to prom with one date, I'll have two beautiful girls on each arm. That's right, I'm takin Darcy and Hazel to prom.

My night was pretty chill, but nonetheless funny. I talked to Hazel on AIM. Let's just say we both got dirt on each other. I can't expose her shit or she'll expose my stuff. LOL, Point blank bein I got Webster (the dictionary guy) on speed dial, same with my main man Fifty. Hazel thinks she knows him, but Fifty swore to me he didn't know who she was. And all yall be lookin out of some revisions on the dictionary, 'cause of my mad hook-ups, under the defenition of "sucky" you'll see a picture of Hazel's computer. LOL :-P I'm startin to really miss Hazel, I thought we had something.. but, I thought she was also into Jimmy? I don't know.. I guess that's what I get for givin up too easy.

Proof 50 is my manCollapse )

Either way, prom is gonna be so tight. And I'm lookin' forward to it, just gotta get all the plans down and all and we'll be straight. Anyways, Derek's bitchin at me for still bein' on the computer and school bein tomorrow and all, so I'm gonna head to bed. This update was pretty pointless but hey, don't hate. One day I'll update with something with a point.. but until then, peace easy yall, I'm out!

4 know who i am from the pimp description.

I call shots, like a boss.. [29 May 2005|05:25pm]
[ mood | weird ]

My bad for not updatin', been a crazy week but things are finally settlin' down. I'm really bout to say screw it and give up on the homework, teachers have been packin it on but thankfully school is coming to an end soon.

I was supposed to go to Ash's party yesterday, but nobody ever sent me a text when it was goin down. So I sat at home, like a loser on a Saturday night. Heh, something Santos must be use to, but I'm sure as hell not. So me and people need to start chillin again, or I'm gonna go crazy.

Things on the home-front? Actually settled down for once. Derek's been bare-able not sayin I still don't have my guard up bout him though. I know somethings going on I just can't put my finger on it exactly.

Yeah, this update sucks, but Derek's kickin' me off the computer, and somethings better than nothin right.. so peace easy, and I'm out.

know who i am from the pimp description.

Homie, I'm a hustler. [21 May 2005|11:20am]
[ mood | chill ]

Damn, a whole 5 days without updatin, my bad guys. Must've been hard for yall to go without whats goin on in this playa's life. It's all good, I'm updatin now so yall can peace easy. If you have to blame anyone for my lack in updates, blame Santos. I got tired of her just sittin on the computer, starin at the screen waiting for someone to update I decided to chill with her a few times this week.

So things have been pretty fuckin confusing. Where to start? We got Derek bein a shady ass bum. I swear he just came back to bum off my mom and make my life hell. He's doin damn good at it. If I'm not in trouble for my music being too loud, then it's cause my pants are saggin, or some other stupid shit. I swear, that guy is out to make me fuckin Steve Urkel. Oh and then we got the whole Towerz still not talkin to me.It's all weird and shit still, when I see him in the hallways, I dunno it's awkward. And then, well.. I'm not gonna even bother expandin on this last one, but wow. It definitley made shit confusing and awkward but it was worth it. That's all I gotta say. I'd expand, but not in the mood for it.

So other than that been lookin around for shit for prom. Been hanging out with Santos, haven't really seen much of Darcy.. other then in the hallways. She's probably been busy with Spirit Squad or some shit. Alex, when we gonna chill?
Speaking of chillin, someone hit me up if you wanna do something tonight, it's a Saturday night and I don't wanna spend it at home alone, otherwise my life might start lookin like Santos'.. and that wouldn't be good.

But I'm out, I got some reviews for a couple of classes I need to finish up, then I'm probably gonna go ball get my mind off of some shit so you know the deal, drop me a comment or hit me up on AIM. Peace easy.

know who i am from the pimp description.

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